Penguins, Antarctica + Us

Penguins, Antarctica + Us is a ground-breaking exhibition that aims to provide insight into the world of penguins and make modern science engaging and accessible. Our goal is to excite the mind and curiosity of visitors through inspirational and powerful storytelling.

Looking up



Science literacy is essential for functioning of society. Exhibitions play vital roles in enhancing the public’s’ general scientific knowledge, post-formal education. Penguins, Antarctica + Us explores issues critical to both penguin and human survival. The exhibition culminates with illustrations on how individuals can have a positive impact on our planet.


Exhibitions are currently evolving as emerging technologies offer new
opportunities for learning. These changes bring a new mixed reality (MR), with fresh ways of telling stories, developing ideas and re-thinking the presentation of knowledge. Visitors are immersed in an experience, not just presented with information. Although an exciting development, our use of these emerging technologies is not gratuitous, rather for seamless communication of science within a powerful engaging narrative, securing attention and deepening experiences. MR allows presentation complimentary to the way we think, to see the storyline unfold as we ask, ‘How does that work?’, ‘Why do they do that?’, ‘ Why did that evolve?’, then show the science behind these questions.

Download the prospectus for this exhibition for your centre here or first, contact us for a password.