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Antarctica’s heatwaves are a warning to humanity – and we have only a narrow window to save the planet

4 August 2023

Antarctica is currently experiencing dramatic changes at unprecedented rates, marked by repeated extreme events. These include circum-Antarctic summer heatwaves and an autumn heatwave last year, with temperatures soaring up to 40oC above the average. Moreover, both last summer and this winter, sea ice extent has reached record lows.

During the Scientific Committee for Antarctic Research, Biology Symposium During a Antarctic scientists from over 20 countries in Ōtautahi Christchurch, unveiled groundbreaking findings, pointing to remarkable transformations within Antarctic species, populations and ecosystems. These revelations were accompanied by expressions of genuine concern and, in some instances, astonishment at the rapidity of these system-wide responses.

In response to the emerging data, the attending scientists, lead by Prof Dana Bergstrom, felt compelled to issue a collective communique, expressing deep-seated concerns regarding the escalating environmental challenges unfolding across the Antarctic continent. Over 300 scientists have signed the communique.

Antarctica’s heatwaves are a warning to humanity – and we have only a narrow window to save the planet. The Guardian

Congratulations Prof Sharon Robinson AM!

13 June 2023

Distinguished Professor Robinson has been appointed a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) in the annual awards, for her significant service to science, particularly the study of Antarctic environmental change.

Internationally renowned science researcher recognised for service to study of climate change in Antarctica

Acclaimed Artist’s major survey exhibition

1 April 2023

Acclaimed Australian-Swedish painter Danelle Bergstrom works in landscape and portraiture as vessels to navigate human emotion. Afterglow, is the artist’s first career survey and traces the interiorscapes of Bergstrom’s own life as they are reflected in the overtures and undertones of her subjects both in landscape and portrait. From major Australian and international sites and figures to the intimate terrain of drawings and sketches, Afterglow presents key works from the last 25 years of the artist’s practice.

VIDEO: Layered Landscapes: Danelle Bergstrom ABC

Why we should be rewilding carnivores

20 February 2023

Prof Euan Ritchie explains why we should be considering bringing back carnivores as potentially powerful conservation tool.

Rewilding dingoes and Tasmanian devils in Australia could benefit many of our troubled ecosystems, by keeping herbivore numbers down, keeping feral cats and foxes fearful, and triggering a rebound in vegetation and small animal populations.

From the dingo to the Tasmanian devil – why we should be rewilding carnivores. The Conversation

Congratulations, Dr Dana Bergstrom awarded Eureka Prize!

7 October 2022

Our Chief Scientist has be awarded the 2021 Australian Museum Eureka Prize for Leadership in Innovation and Science. Distinguished Prof Sharon Robinson was a finalist for the award as well.

Dr Dana Bergstrom wins 2021 Eureka Prize for Leadership in Innovation and Science

Female scientists strike success at the Australian Museum’s 2021 Eureka prizes The Guardian

Record-smashing heatwaves are hitting Antarctica and the Arctic simultaneously.

March 22, 2021

Pure Antarctic’s Dana Bergstrom and Sharon Robinson and colleague Simon Alexander explain the heatwaves hitting both the Antarctic and the Arctic in an article on The Conversation

Congratulations, Dr Patti Virtue AAM!

12 July 2021

Patti Virtue was awarded the Australian Antarctic Medal recognising her outstanding contribution and efforts in mentoring and teaching the next generation of Antarctic ecologists, and her contribution to the understanding of the role of krill in the Southern Ocean ecosystem and the likely impacts of climate change to krill.

Patti Virtue crossing Lake Druzhby, Vestfold Hills, East Antarctica

Existential threat of ecosystem collapse

26 Feburary 2021

Pure Antarctic’s Dana Bergstrom, Barbara Wienecke , Sharon Robinson and Euan Ritchie are among the 38 authors who published a major scientific paper today on ecosystem collapse from the Australian tropics to coastal Antarctica. Details of the study are summarised in this link to an article in the Conversation.

Additional media links:

 Australian scientists warn urgent action needed to save 19 ‘collapsing’ ecosystems The Guardian

19 Australian ecosystems are already collapsing: which one will fall first? Australian Geographic

Anatomy of a heatwave in Antarctica

30 March 2020

Research by Pure Antarctic’s Sharon Robinson and Dana Bergstrom and colleagues describe a heatwave the circumnavigated Antarctica in January 2020. Published in the journal Global Change Biology, describes how Casey Station had its highest temperature ever recorded, reaching a maximum of 9.2°C

Tasmania  – The Antarctic Gateway

29 May 2018

Brand Tasmania has just released a  new video  about the role of Tasmania as an Antarctic Gateway. Our scientist/cinamatographer Dr Frederique Olivier and Dr Dana Bergstrom are both featured in this presentation.

Brand Tasmania

New Antarctic sculpture, Australian National Portrait Gallery

25 May 2018

Our Chief Scientist, Dr Dana Bergstrom is one of the subjects of a new sculpture work by leading Australian artist Linde Ivimey  in an exhibition entitled So Fine

Dana Bergstrom, Penguin by Linde Ivimey 2018
Dana Bergstrom, Penguin, 2018 by sculptor Linde Ivimey

at the Australian National Portrait Gallery.  The exhibition which features new works from 10 women artists reinterpreting and reimagining elements of Australian history. The exhibition enriches the contemporary narrative around Australia’s history and biography, reflecting the tradition of storytelling in the country.

The exhibition runs from 29th June to 1st October 2018.