A Collaborative Charter for Scientific Endeavours

This is a charter to use when scientific collaborations are being initiated . Use the logo to signal that you support the charter.

Work with IntegrityI seek to be trustworthy, honest, and reliable
I practice and encourage open and honest communication
I am responsible for my actions and respectful and professional towards colleagues
I seek to be highly ethical in all my activities and interactions
ContributionI seek to deliver agreed contributions
I seek to accurately acknowledge source of ideas and contributions
I am trustworthy with data that I have been given access to and will not use or share unless given permission
RespectI acknowledge source of ideas and contribution
I acknowledge effort, especially regarding all aspects of the scientific process
I acknowledge and respect differences of opinion
I seek to identify shared values at the beginning of a collaboration
DiversityI actively seek diversity in my collaborations and teams
I acknowledge and provide space to accommodate diversity in my collaborations
I am supportive of all my team members
CommunicationI actively seek to establish clear lines of communication in my collaborations, acknowledging the potential for complexity due to cultural and diversity variations within the team
I acknowledge and provide space to accommodate diversity in communication styles and intent in my collaborations
I will seek to be clear with my intent to deliver my commitments in a timely way, and communicate if there are hurdles meeting deadlines
AccountabilityI am accountable for my actions and mistakes
I am accountable for the reliability of my scientific contributions
Allyship and careI provide allyship towards all my colleagues and especially to my early career colleagues
I provide active support towards the positive welfare and health (both mental & physical) of my colleagues and collaborators
I strive to create a psychologically safe place in which to collaborate
To cite: The Collaborative Charter Collective (2023) A Collaborative Charter for Scientific Endeavours.

Members of the collective include: Dana M Bergstrom, Gaby A Nevitt, Renuka Badhe, Euan Ritchie, Andrew Constable, Huw Griffiths, Tracy Ainsworth, Meredith Nash, Sharon A Robinson