Pure Antarctic Foundation

Pure Antarctic Foundation logo AThe Pure Antarctic Foundation Inc. (PAF) a not-for-profit incorporated association established to oversee the scientific and educational components of Pure Antarctic. Ultimately it also aims to support Antarctic science through being a philanthropic pathway.

Pure Antarctic aims to engage the global community in science, particularly students. Education is central to the event and PAF will aim to involve as many educational institutions as possible, at all levels, and tap into national curricula.

The scientific component of the event will be based on peer-reviewed published science.  Scientific content advice will be sought widely from the global Antarctic community, including the Australian Academy of Science, other national Academies of Science, the international Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) and individual scientists and science teams.

We will aim to make available either the primary source of science content of Pure Antarctic (or links to the source) and also provide layperson guides to this science, as scientific papers can be a bit opaque to those who have not been exposed to the jargon. Hence we will provide an ongoing outlet of information for teachers, students and everyone with a passion for Antarctica.

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