My name is Dr Dana Bergstrom. I am a senior Australian Antarctic scientist and my vocation is to understand and protect Antarctica.

Antarctica is so important to all our lives. It drives the oceans, influences our weather and deep in our hearts, we know it’s a place to put aside for peace and science.

Currently I am embarking on a new and very important project to bring Antarctica to the World.  It’s called PURE ANTARCTIC

Taking  Antarctica to the World

PURE ANTARCTIC will be a cultural immersive extravaganza illustrating the beauty and fragility of Antarctica and how interconnected it is to the rest of world. Importantly, it will demonstrate how science is vital to our everyday lives and showcases cutting-edge Antarctic science. Through PURE ANTARCTIC we aim to inspire and educate the next generation.

Our goal is to touch 100 million people across the world.

Can You Help Us? 

Do you believe that an appreciation of science and the scientific process is vital to our future? Do you think children need a broad understanding of how our planet works? Have you been bitten by the Antarctic bug and want to share its majesty with others?

Then perhaps you can help? I am looking for a select group of Ice Angels to help champion and support PURE ANTARCTIC to the next phase.

View our support page to see our first needs.

Dana M Bergstrom©