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We are looking for a select group of ice angles to help kick-start Pure Antarctic. Please consider becoming a member of this small team, who will champion and support this project into the next phase and help bring Pure Antarctic to life.

The Australian Academy of Science is partnering us in this first stage and as such are accepting tax-deductible donations to help us.

If you would like to be an Ice Angel, contact us now using the form below and Dr Dana Bergstrom will call you directly to discuss Pure Antarctic and what being an ICE ANGEL means.

Legals and disclaimer 

As Ice Angels will provide tax-deductible donations, tickets to the Pure Antarctic event or other items of monetary value are not offered as inducements. Ice Angels will however (with permission) be identified as champions of the project, and be invited to see the design presentation, be kept informed about progress and will be issued with a special commemorative gift to celebrate their support.

Contact information will be protected, and will never be shared or on-sold.