About Pure Antarctic

Bringing Antarctica to the World

Pure Antarctic…

Aims to illustrate the beauty and fragility of Antarctica and how interconnected it is to the rest of world. Importantly, we want to demonstrate science is vital to our everyday lives and showcase cutting-edge Antarctic science.


Our activities, events, exhibition and destinations aim to connect us closer to the Earth.  We build a better future through the pursuit of  arts, science and knowledge.


Our themes…

Pure Antarctic exhibitions, events and immersive experiences are based around six ideas:

One: Antarctica is a continent protected as a natural reserve devoted to peace, science and nature.

Two: In Antarctica, people from many nations work cooperatively towards a common vision.

Three: Antarctica has a 100-year history of exploration: from new lands to the boundaries of science and technology.

Four: Antarctic science and science in general, is critical to our understanding of how the planet works and human survival.

Five: Antarctica looms large in the human psyche.

Six: People can make changes in their lives to secure the future of Antarctica and a habitable planet.