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PURE ANTARCTIC will be an extraordinary,  immersive experience that will take visitors on  an unforgettable, virtual trip to Antarctica.

The Current Vision …

Our goal is to develop a purpose-built, stunning  destination experience, first in Hobart, a major gateway to Antarctica, and then as a traveling event to take to the world.  Pure Antarctic will be based on a series of white domes. Dome A will be an extraordinary and enthralling interactive media experience conveying the elements of Antarctica.


Dome E, the Explorer Dome showcases the natural wonders, exploration history, cutting- edge science and how people from many nations unite under a common vision. To create this we will utilize the tools of the entertainment industry informing and educating in a captivating way through enhanced technology to deliver a hands-on, unique experience. The dome layout will be inspired by the features of an ice crystal.ice crystyal_v 2 copyDome C, the immersion dome, will be breathtaking. Dressed in polar jackets, visitors will  be mesmerized by Antarctica. Using cutting edge cinematography, projection and theatrical techniques, the elements of Antarctica will be woven into an inspirational and powerful narrative that takes the audience on an amazing journey south to the frozen continent, where its future becomes clearly linked to that of the rest of the planet.


On this journey people will feel the cold, the wind and snow, see life-size blue whales swim around them and travel beneath the lights of the Aurora Australis flickering above.

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