My First Post

Welcome to my first ever blog

On the post pages I  will feature Antarctic updates, hot science and news about building the Pure Antarctic event.

For my first post I thought I would write about why I am drawn to Antarctica .

What I love about working in  Antarctica

I like living and working in an environment where nature rules. The greatest challenge is always to do the very best science you can in such a difficult place, where instruments freeze up, blow away or a stolen by penguins, your fingers are always cold, your boots are always wet and your nose is always dripping.

As an applied ecologist, the end goal is always ‘How does new knowledge translate into something useful?‘,  such as better understanding of how the planet functions or  the delivery of practical, improved ways of doing things that reduce our impact on rare Antarctic ecosystems.


I feel very privileged that my career has allowed  access to a great wilderness and I know that with 7 billion people on the planet only a fraction of the world’s population will ever have the chances that I have had. By creating the closest thing to real that modern technology can deliver,  I hope that  Pure Antarctic  will help protect the fragile ecosystems on and around this continent that I love.